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Anisucoumaramide, a Bioactive Coumarin from Clausena anisum-olens

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posted on 03.04.2017, 19:11 authored by Yun-Song Wang, Bi-Tao Li, Shi-Xi Liu, Zheng-Qi Wen, Jing-Hua Yang, Hong-Bin Zhang, Xiao-Jiang Hao
A new coumarin, anisucoumaramide (1), and a new δ-truxinate derivative, anisumic acid (2), were isolated from Clausena anisum-olens. Their structures were elucidated from extensive NMR and MS data. The absolute configurations of the coumarins were assigned using the experimental and calculated electronic circular dichroism data. Anisucoumaramide (1) represents the first example of a naturally occurring coumarin of which the terpenoidal side chain does not comply with the biosynthesis isoprene rule due to the presence of an unprecedented acetamido motif directly connected with the terpenoidal side chain. The δ-truxinate derivative was isolated from Clausena species for the first time. Compound 1 showed high selectivity for the MAO-B isoenzyme and inhibitory activity in the nanomolar range. Putative biosynthesis pathways toward 1 and 2 are proposed.