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Anions with a Dipole: Toward High Transport Numbers in Solid Polymer Electrolytes

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posted on 2022-03-28, 13:36 authored by Maria Martinez-Ibañez, Eduardo Sanchez-Diez, Uxue Oteo, Ismael Gracia, Itziar Aldalur, Hany B. Eitouni, Mario Joost, Michel Armand, Heng Zhang
Solid-state lithium metal (Li°) batteries (SSLMBs) are believed to be the most promising technology to satisfy the high energy demand, meet the safety requirements, and overcome the limitations ascribed to currently used Li-ion batteries. Solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs) arise as the best candidates mainly due to their easy manufacturing, flexibility, and cost compared to their inorganic counterparts. However, conventional lithium bis­(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)­imide and poly­(ethylene oxide)-based SPEs suffer from a low lithium-ion transference number (TLi+) and poor Li° electrode compatibility as demonstrated by the compromised cyclability of these electrolytes in SSLMBs. Herein, we report the performance of SPEs comprising a newly designed N-ethyl-N-methyl-functionalized sulfonimide lithium salt, with wide electrochemical stability, decreased anionic diffusivity, sufficient Li-ion conductivity, and superior compatibility with the Li° electrode.