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Anionic Boron- and Carbon-Based Hetero-Diradicaloids Spanned by a p‑Phenylene Bridge

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posted on 02.03.2021, 22:03 by Avijit Maiti, Fangyuan Zhang, Ivo Krummenacher, Moulika Bhattacharyya, Sakshi Mehta, Michael Moos, Christoph Lambert, Bernd Engels, Abhishake Mondal, Holger Braunschweig, Prince Ravat, Anukul Jana
Herein we report the synthesis and characterization of anionic boron- and carbon-based Kekulé diradicaloids spanned by a p-phenylene bridge. In contrast to Thiele’s hydrocarbon, a closed-shell singlet system, they show an appreciable population of the triplet state at room temperature, as evidenced by both NMR and EPR spectroscopy. Moreover, en route to these anionic boron- and carbon-based hetero-diradicaloids, the formation of an isolable diamino­(4-diarylboryl-phenyl)­methyl radical was observed.