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Anion-Controlled Assembly of Four Manganese Ions: Structural, Magnetic, and Electrochemical Properties of Tetramanganese Complexes Stabilized by Xanthene-Bridged Schiff Base Ligands

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posted on 16.01.2012, 00:00 by Masakazu Hirotsu, Yuu Shimizu, Naoto Kuwamura, Rika Tanaka, Isamu Kinoshita, Ryoichi Takada, Yoshio Teki, Hideki Hashimoto
The reaction of manganese­(II) acetate with a xanthene-bridged bis­[3-(salicylideneamino)-1-propanol] ligand, H4L, afforded the tetramanganese­(II,II,III,III) complex [Mn4(L)2(μ-OAc)2], which has an incomplete double-cubane structure. The corresponding reaction using manganese­(II) chloride in the presence of a base gave the tetramanganese­(III,III,III,III) complex [Mn4(L)2Cl34-Cl)­(OH2)], in which four Mn ions are bridged by a Cl ion. A pair of L ligands has a propensity to incorporate four Mn ions, the arrangement and oxidation states of which are dependent on the coexistent anions.