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An Organometallic Isostere of an Amino Acid

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posted on 07.07.2021, 15:14 authored by Sanjay Gaire, Briana R. Schrage, Christopher J. Ziegler
An organometallic complex that mimics an amino acid, also known as an amino acid isostere, can be synthesized from a functionalized bipyridine ligand and a fac-[Re­(CO)3]+ center. The reaction of an achiral ligand and metal results in a racemic mixture of chiral-at-metal complexes. These metal species have amine and carboxy termini, a side chain type unit that can be varied, as well as the chiral metal that is analogous to the α carbon of an amino acid. The racemic mixtures can be separated into enantiomers by chiral chromatography, and the metal complexes can be incorporated into peptides by using solid-phase peptide synthesis.