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An Environmental Friendly Fluorinated Oligoamide for Producing Nonwetting Coatings with High Performance on Porous Surfaces

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posted on 2017-09-29, 00:00 authored by Mara Camaiti, Leonardo Brizi, Villiam Bortolotti, Alessandra Papacchini, Antonella Salvini, Paola Fantazzini
The changes in the surface wettability of many materials are receiving increased attention in recent years. It is not too hard to fabricate resistant hydrophobic surfaces through products bearing both hydrophobic and reactive hydrophilic end groups. More challenging is obtaining resistant nonwetting surfaces through noncovalent reversible bonds. In this work, a fluorinated oligo­(ethylenesuccinamide), soluble in solvent benign for operators and environment, has been synthesized. It contains two opposite functional groups (perfluoropolyether segments and amidic groups) (SC2-PFPE) that provide water repellency while hydrophilicity is retained. Its performance has been tested on porous calcarenite and investigated by magnetic resonance imaging, water capillary absorption, and vapor diffusivity tests. The results demonstrate that SC2-PFPE modifies the wettability of porous substrates in a drastic and durable way and reduces the vapor condensation inside the pore space due to the perfluoropolyether segments that act at the air/surface interface.