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An Enhanced Strip Biosensor for Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Histone Methylation

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posted on 18.02.2016, 19:08 authored by Chenchen Ge, Luxin Yu, Zhiyuan Fang, Lingwen Zeng
Histone methylation is a crucial epigenetic modification of chromosomes. In this work, we describe an enhanced strip biosensor using oligonucleotide-functionalized gold nanoparticles as an enhancer probe (AuNP-DNA) for rapid and sensitive detection of histone methylation. In conventional strip biosensor, methylated histone is captured on the test zone through the formation of antibody/methylated histone/antibody-labeled AuNP sandwich structures. Whereas, in the enhanced strip biosensor, the AuNPs in the sandwich structures are dual labeled with an antibody and another oligonucleotide (c-DNA). The sequence of the c-DNA is complementary to the oligonucleotide on the enhancer probe. The enhancer probe, AuNP-DNA, hybridizes with the c-DNA on the dual labeled AuNPs, and the color intensity of the red band on the test zone is then enhanced dramatically. The enhanced strip biosensor has been used for the visual detection of trimethylated lysine 9 of histone H3 (H3K9me3) in 20 ng of histone extract from HeLa cells within 15 min. The detection limit is 10-fold and 15-fold lower than the conventional strip biosensor and Western blot, respectively.