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An Atlas of Forecasted Molecular Data. 1. Internuclear Separations of Main-Group and Transition-Metal Neutral Gas-Phase Diatomic Molecules in the Ground State

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posted on 2003-02-01, 00:00 authored by Ray Hefferlin, W. Bradford Davis, Jason Ileto
Needed spectroscopic data on diatomic molecules can often be found in the superb critical tables of Huber and Herzberg or in the literature published since 1979. Unfortunately, these sources apply to only a fraction of the diatomic species that can exist and so investigators have had to rely on interpolation, additivity, or ad hoc rules to estimate needed values, all of which require other information that is often lacking. This Atlas presents 1001 additional internuclear separations for use until critical tables are available to fill the needs more precisely. The Atlas was produced by mining the data from Huber and Herzberg for trends with least-squares analysis and with neural network software. There are 162 molecules about whose data Huber and Herzberg had no qualifications and whose data were employed for this work; 248 copies of data with low and high magnitudes were added to reduce the effects of frequency. Internuclear separations for 1001 species not found in Huber and Herzberg are presented, and least-squares predictions supplement some of them. The results, i.e., the Atlas, are presented as Table A, Supporting Information. The average error, based on the average of the absolute differences between the predicted values and tabulated values for the molecules having Huber and Herzberg data, is 0.074 Å; if each error is expressed as a percent of the forecast to which it pertains, the average of these errors is 2.94%. There are 25 “questionable” data from Huber and Herzberg, not used in the preparation of the Atlas, for which predictions are included in the Atlas. Of these, 14 agree with the predicted internuclear separations to within twice the stated errors. Additional atlases for other properties of diatomic molecules are in preparation.