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Ammonium Iodide Induced Nonradical Regioselective Sulfenylation of Flavones via a C–H Functionalization Process

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posted on 18.09.2015, 00:00 by Wannian Zhao, Ping Xie, Zhaogang Bian, Aihua Zhou, Haibo Ge, Min Zhang, Yingcai Ding, Lian Zheng
A novel and highly regioselective ammonium iodide-induced nonradical sulfenylation method for the construction of a C–S bond was developed via C–H functionalization. With DMSO or R1SO2NHNH2 as a sulfenylating agent, MeS- and R1S-substituted flavone derivatives were obtained in good yields. This method enriches current C–S bond formation chemistry, making it a highly valuable and practical method in pharmaceutical industry.