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Amino-Functionalized Water-Stable Metal–Organic Framework for Enhanced C2H2/CH4 Separation Performance

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posted on 10.02.2020, 19:47 by Qian Li, Nana Wu, Jia Li, Dapeng Wu, Yanshuo Li
Using a hydrothermal method, a water-stable metal–organic framework based on 8-connected Ni2 units with (4·62)­2­(47·613·83) topology, [Ni2­(μ2-OH2)­(ctpd)2­(NH2-bdc)]·(EtOH)2·(H2O)2 (NbU-9-NH2), constructed by mixing a rigid tridentate ligand and an amino-p-carboxyl ligand, displays an enhanced ability for adsorbing C2H2 and adsorptive selectivity for C2H2/CH4. Dispersion-corrected density functional theory calculation confirmed that the enhenced acetylene adsorption is mainly derived from the weak hydrogen-bonding between a hydrogen atom of C2H2 and the nitrogen atom of the amino group.