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Amine-Mediated Transimination and Aromatization-Triggered Domino Reaction in the Synthesis of Polyfunctionalized 4‑Aminoquinolines

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posted on 05.10.2016, 00:00 by Runzhe Song, Zhaomeng Han, Qiuqin He, Renhua Fan
Dearomatization provides numerous possibilities for the development of new transformative modes of aromatic compounds. A conceptually novel metal-free multicomponent domino reaction of the dearomatized products of 2-alkynylanilines is developed. The reaction involves the secondary amine-mediated transimination with α-amino nitriles and subsequent aromatization-triggered cascade rearrangement, nucleophilic cyclization, and retro-Strecker reaction. This process provided a new practical method for the rapid synthesis of polyfunctionalized 4-aminoquinolines from readily available starting materials.