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Alternative Strategy for Adjusting the Association Specificity of Hydrogen-Bonded Duplexes

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posted on 07.01.2011, 00:00 authored by Penghui Zhang, Hongzhu Chu, Xianghui Li, Wen Feng, Pengchi Deng, Lihua Yuan, Bing Gong
A strategy for creating new association specificity of hydrogen-bonded duplexes by varying the spacings between neighboring hydrogen bonds is described. Incorporation of naphthalene-based residues has provided oligoamide strands that pair into duplexes sharing the same H-bonding sequences (e.g., DDAA) but differing in the spacings between their intermolecular hydrogen bonds, leading to homo- or heteroduplexes. The ability to manipulate association-specificity as demonstrated by this work may be extended to other multiple hydrogen bonded systems, thereby further enhancing the diversity of multiple hydrogen-bonded association units for constructing supramolecular structures.