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Alotaketals A and B, Sesterterpenoids from the Marine Sponge Hamigera Species that Activate the cAMP Cell Signaling Pathway

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posted on 2009-11-19, 00:00 authored by Roberto Forestieri, Catherine E. Merchant, Nicole J. de Voogd, Teatulohi Matainaho, Timothy J. Kieffer, Raymond J. Andersen
The new sesterterpenoids alotaketals A (1) and B (2) have been isolated from extracts of the marine sponge Hamigera sp. collected in Papua New Guinea. Their chemical structures were elucidated by analysis of spectroscopic data. Alotaketals A and B have the unprecedented alotane carbon skeleton, and they activate the cAMP cell signaling pathway with EC50’s of 18 and 240 nM, respectively.