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Alkynyl Borrowing: Silver-Catalyzed Amination of Secondary Propargylic Alcohols via C(sp3)–C(sp) Bond Cleavage

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posted on 2022-04-06, 21:30 authored by Xin Zhuang, Min Zhu, Chuan-Ming Hong, Zhen Luo, Wan-Fang Li, Qing-Hua Li, Qun-Li Luo, Tang-Lin Liu
The silver-catalyzed alkynyl borrowing amination of secondary propargyl alcohols via C­(sp3)–C­(sp) bond cleavage has been developed. This new strategy was based on the β-alkynyl elimination of propargyl alcohols and alkynyl as the borrowing subject. This alkynyl borrowing amination featured high atom economy, wide functional group tolerance, and high efficiency.