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Alkyne Ligation Handles: Propargylation of Hydroxyl, Sulfhydryl, Amino, and Carboxyl Groups via the Nicholas Reaction

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posted on 29.08.2016, 18:33 by Sarah M. Wells, John C. Widen, Daniel A. Harki, Kay M. Brummond
The Nicholas reaction has been applied to the installation of alkyne ligation handles. Acid-promoted propargylation of hydroxyl, sulfhydryl, amino, and carboxyl groups using dicobalt hexacarbonyl-stabilized propargylium ions is reported. This method is useful for introduction of propargyl groups into base-sensitive molecules, thereby expanding the toolbox of methods for the incorporation of alkynes for bio-orthogonal reactions. High-value molecules are used as the limiting reagent, and various propargylium ion precursors are compared.