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Alkyne–Alkyne Photo-cross-linking on the Flipping-out Field

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posted on 05.04.2019, 14:38 by Kazumitsu Onizuka, Kei Ishida, Eriko Mano, Fumi Nagatsugi
The base flip-inducing nucleic acids are expected to create a specific field for various chemical reactions. We now report a novel type of base-flip-inducing oligodeoxynucleotide and photo-cross-linking reaction. Two 3-arylethynyl-5-methyl-2-pyridone nucleosides, Ph and An, were synthesized, and their properties were investigated. The alkyne–alkyne photo-cross-linking rapidly proceeded by taking advantage of the base-flipping-out field where two alkynes overlap each other. This photo-cross-linking would be a new candidate to form cross-linked DNAs.