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Alkyne-Functionalized Ruthenium Nanoparticles: Impact of Metal–Ligand Interfacial Bonding Interactions on the Selective Hydrogenation of Styrene

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posted on 30.11.2018, 00:00 by Fengqi Zhang, Jingjing Fang, Lin Huang, Wenming Sun, Zhang Lin, Zhenqing Shi, Xiongwu Kang, Shaowei Chen
In the present study, ruthenium nanoparticles functionalized with terminal and internal alkynes were prepared, and it was found that internal alkynes formed a η2 side-on configuration on the surface of ruthenium nanoparticles, in sharp contrast to the ruthenium-vinylidene interfacial bonds for terminal alkynes. For the nanoparticles capped with terminal alkyne, hydrogenation of both the vinyl moiety and phenyl ring occurred, whereas selective hydrogenation of the vinyl moiety was observed with internal alkyne-functionalized nanoparticles. This work highlights the importance of the metal–organic interface in the rational design and engineering of the nanoparticle catalyst for organic synthesis.