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Alkene Isomerization by “Sandwich” Diimine-Palladium Catalysts

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journal contribution
posted on 03.02.2017, 13:38 by Andrew L. Kocen, Kristine Klimovica, Maurice Brookhart, Olafs Daugulis
In contrast to traditional diimine-palladium complexes, sterically hindered “sandwich” diimine-palladium adducts act as olefin isomerization catalysts. Terminal olefins are selectively converted to 2-olefins by a sequence of migratory insertion, β-hydride elimination, and olefin displacement. The reaction is performed at 0 °C with 1 mol % of an air-stable precatalyst and tolerates functional groups such as ketones, silyl ethers, and halogens. The isomerization may be used to produce silyl enol ethers from protected allylic alcohols.