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Alkane Dehydrogenation by C–H Activation at Iridium(III)

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posted on 25.03.2013, 00:00 by Kate E. Allen, D. Michael Heinekey, Alan S. Goldman, Karen I. Goldberg
Stoichiometric alkane dehydrogenation utilizing an IrIII pincer complex, (dmPhebox)­Ir­(OAc)2(OH2) (1a), has been described. The reaction between 1a and octane resulted in quantitative formation of (dmPhebox)­Ir­(OAc)­(H) (3a) and octene. At early reaction times 1-octene is the major product, indicative of terminal C–H activation by 1a. In contrast to prior reports of alkane dehydrogenation with Ir, C–H bond activation occurs at IrIII and the dehydrogenation is not inhibited by nitrogen, olefin, or water.