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AgSbF6‑Mediated Selective Thiolation and Selenylation at C‑4 Position of Isoquinolin-1(2H)‑ones

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posted on 2018-07-11, 00:00 authored by You-Quan Zhu, Jing-Li He, Yun-Xia Niu, Hui-Ying Kang, Ting-Feng Han, Hao-Yu Li
A new and facile AgSbF6-mediated protocol for the construction of C-4 thiolated or selenylated isoquinolin-1­(2H)-ones via a radical pathway was established. This reaction proceeded efficiently with excellent regioselectivity, a broad substrate scope, and good functional group tolerance. A radical reaction mechanism involving thiyl radicals as key intermediates is proposed for the present transformation.