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Aerobic, Diselenide-Catalyzed Redox Dehydration: Amides and Peptides

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posted on 2018-01-11, 19:50 authored by Srirama Murthy Akondi, Pavankumar Gangireddy, Thomas C. Pickel, Lanny S. Liebeskind
At 2.5 mol % loadings using reaction temperatures between 30–55 °C, ortho-functionalized diaryl diselenides are highly effective organocatalytic oxidants for aerobic redox dehydrative amidic and peptidic bond formation using triethyl phosphite as a simple terminal reductant. This simple-to-perform organocatalytic reaction relies on the ability of selenols to react directly with dioxygen in air without recourse to metal catalysts. It represents an important step toward the development of a general, economical, and benign catalytic redox dehydration protocol.