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Adociasulfates 1−6, Inhibitors of Kinesin Motor Proteins from the Sponge Haliclona (aka Adocia) sp.

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posted on 02.07.1999, 00:00 by Christine L. Blackburn, Cordula Hopmann, Roman Sakowicz, Michael S. Berdelis, Lawrence S. B. Goldstein, D. John Faulkner
Adociasulfates 1−6 (16) were isolated from an extract of the Palauan sponge Haliclona (aka Adocia) sp. that inhibited the transport of stabilized microtubules by the motor protein kinesin, which was immobilized on a microscope slide. The structures of adociasulfates 1−6, the relative stereochemistry of adociasulfates 1, 2, 5, and 6, and the relative stereochemistry of subunits of adociasulfates 3 and 4 were determined by interpretation of spectroscopic data. In a quantitative assay that measures ATP hydrolysis by kinesin, adociasulfates 2 and 6 were the most active.