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Additive Opto-Thermomechanical Nanoprinting and Nanorepairing under Ambient Conditions

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posted on 11.06.2020, 19:37 authored by Md Shah Alam, Qiwen Zhan, Chenglong Zhao
We demonstrate an opto-thermomechanical (OTM) nanoprinting method that allows us not only to additively print nanostructures with sub-100 nm accuracy but also to correct printing errors for nanorepairing under ambient conditions. Different from other existing nanoprinting methods, this method works when a nanoparticle on the surface of a soft substrate is illuminated by a continuous-wave (cw) laser beam in a gaseous environment. The laser heats the nanoparticle and induces a rapid thermal expansion of the soft substrate. This thermal expansion can either release a nanoparticle from the soft surface for nanorepairing or transfer it additively to another surface in the presence of optical forces for nanoprinting with sub-100 nm accuracy. Details of the printing mechanism and parameters that affect the printing accuracy are investigated. This additive OTM nanoprinting technique paves the way for rapid and affordable additive manufacturing or 3D printing at the nanoscale under ambient conditions.