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Acyclic Stereocontrol in the Catalytic C−H Amination of Benzylic Methylene Groups

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posted on 20.08.2010, 00:00 by Anike Nörder, Pavel Herrmann, Eberhard Herdtweck, Thorsten Bach
Diastereotopos-differentiation is the key feature of the catalytic C−H amination at the benzylic position of substrate 1. Essentially independent of the functional group X (X = COOMe, PO(OEt)2, SO2Ph, NO2, CN, OAc), the depicted products 2 are formed with good (dr = 80/20) to excellent (dr > 95/5) diastereoselectivity. The reaction proceeds without racemization and possesses potential for the C−H amination of open-chain substrates.