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Activation of Chromium Catalysts by Photoexcited Hantzsch Ester for Decarboxylative Allylation of Aldehydes with Butadiene

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posted on 2021-10-04, 19:39 authored by Shuangjie Lin, Yuqing Chen, Huaipu Yan, Yonghong Liu, Yuchen Sun, Erjun Hao, Caizhe Shi, Dandan Zhang, Nan Zhu, Lei Shi
Metallaphotocatalysis often needs light-absorbing metal-polypyridyl complexes, semiconductors, or organic dyes, which can modify the oxidation state of metal catalysts. Here, we first report that photoexcitation of Hantzsch ester can directly activate chromium reagents through a single-electron transfer process. The synthetic application was demonstrated through a photoredox decarboxylative allylation of aldehydes with feedstock butadiene without exogenous photocatalysts, metallic reductants, or additives.