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Acoustically Mounted Microcrystals Yield High-Resolution X-ray Structures

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posted on 31.05.2011, 00:00 by Alexei S. Soares, Matthew A. Engel, Richard Stearns, Sammy Datwani, Joe Olechno, Richard Ellson, John M. Skinner, Marc Allaire, Allen M. Orville
We demonstrate a general strategy for determining structures from showers of microcrystals. It uses acoustic droplet ejection to transfer 2.5 nL droplets from the surface of microcrystal slurries, through the air, onto mounting micromesh pins. Individual microcrystals are located by raster-scanning a several-micrometer X-ray beam across the cryocooled micromeshes. X-ray diffraction data sets merged from several micrometer-sized crystals are used to determine 1.8 Ǻ resolution crystal structures.