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Achromatic Metasurface Lens at Telecommunication Wavelengths

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posted on 2015-08-12, 00:00 authored by Mohammadreza Khorasaninejad, Francesco Aieta, Pritpal Kanhaiya, Mikhail A. Kats, Patrice Genevet, David Rousso, Federico Capasso
Nanoscale optical resonators enable a new class of flat optical components called metasurfaces. This approach has been used to demonstrate functionalities such as focusing free of monochromatic aberrations (i.e., spherical and coma), anomalous reflection, and large circular dichroism. Recently, dielectric metasurfaces that compensate the phase dispersion responsible for chromatic aberrations have been demonstrated. Here, we utilize an aperiodic array of coupled dielectric nanoresonators to demonstrate a multiwavelength achromatic lens. The focal length remains unchanged for three wavelengths in the near-infrared region (1300, 1550, and 1800 nm). Experimental results are in agreement with full-wave simulations. Our findings are an essential step toward a realization of broadband flat optical elements.