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Acceleration of Oral Wound Healing under Diabetes Mellitus Conditions Using Bioadhesive Hydrogel

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posted on 2022-12-23, 15:34 authored by Jiwei Sun, Tiantian Chen, Baoying Zhao, Wenjie Fan, Yufeng Shen, Haojie Wei, Man Zhang, Wenhao Zheng, Jinfeng Peng, Jinyu Wang, Yifan Wang, Lihong Fan, Yingying Chu, Lili Chen, Cheng Yang
Oral wounds under diabetic conditions display a significant delay during the healing process, mainly due to oxidative stress-induced inflammatory status and abnormal immune responses. Besides, the wet and complicated dynamic environment of the oral cavity impedes stable treatment of oral wounds. To overcome these, a biomimetic hydrogel adhesive was innovatively developed based on a mussel-inspired multifunctional structure. The adhesive displays efficient adhesion and mechanical harmony on the oral mucosa through enhanced bonding in an acidic proinflammatory environment. The bioadhesive hydrogel exhibits excellent antioxidative properties by mimicking antioxidative enzymatic activities to reverse reactive oxygen species (ROS)-mediated immune disorders. Experiments on oral wounds of diabetic rats showed that this hydrogel adhesive could effectively protect against mucosal wounds and obviously shorten the inflammatory phase, thus promoting the wound-healing process. Therefore, this study offers a promising therapeutic choice with the potential to advance the clinical treatment of diabetic oral wounds.