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Ac2O-Mediated Dearylacetylative Dimerization of 2‑Arylacetyl-1-naphthols: Synthesis of Naphtho[1,2‑b]furan-3-ones

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posted on 24.01.2020, 10:13 by Meng-Yang Chang, Kuan-Ting Chen, Yu-Ting Hsiao, Shin-Mei Chen
A novel and efficient route for the synthesis of 2-aryl-2-naphthyl naphtho­[1,2-b]­furan-3-ones is described via NaH/Ac2O-mediated dearylacetylative dimerization of 2-arylacetyl-1-naphthols in refluxing THF under open-flask conditions. A plausible mechanism is also proposed and discussed. Various reaction conditions are investigated for one-pot transformation.