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Absorption of SO2 with Ammonia-Based Solution in a Cocurrent Rotating Packed Bed

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posted on 08.10.2014, 00:00 by Guang-Wen Chu, Yong Luo, Cong-Yun Shan, Hai-Kui Zou, Yang Xiang, Lei Shao, Jian-Feng Chen
The emission of SO2 leads to serious environmental problems, which has attracted increasing attention. In this work, a cocurrent rotating packed bed (CO-RPB) with a novel SiC structured packing was employed as a process intensification candidate to upgrade existing desulfurization systems. The effects of rotating speed, gas flow rate, liquid flow rate, SO2 inlet concentration, total salt concentration, and alkalinity on the SO2 removal efficiency were investigated by adopting the ammonia-based solution as the absorbent. The experimental results showed that the SO2 concentration at the RPB outlet can meet the new Chinese emission standard very well. In addition, the gas-side volumetric overall mass transfer coefficient (Kya) was deduced based on the mass balance equation, and its correlation was also proposed. The predicted Kya calculated by the correlation was in good agreement with the experimental data, and the deviation was within the range of ±8%.