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Ab Initio Investigation on a New Class of Binuclear Superalkali Cations M2Li2k+1+ (F2Li3+, O2Li5+, N2Li7+, and C2Li9+)

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posted on 17.03.2011, 00:00 by Jing Tong, Ying Li, Di Wu, Zhi-Ru Li, Xu-Ri Huang
Superalkalies with low ionization potentials (IPs) can exhibit behaviors reminiscent of alkali atoms and hence be considered as potential building blocks for the assembly of novel nanostructured materials. A new series of binuclear superalkali cations M2Li2k+1+ (M = F, O, N, C) has been studied using ab initio methods. The structural features of such cations are found to be related to the central atoms. In the preferred structures of F2Li3+, O2Li5+, and N2Li7+, two central atoms are bridged by lithium atoms. While in the global minima of C2Li9+, two central carbon atoms directly link each other and the C−C unit extends to the surface of the whole system. These M2Li2k+1+ species exhibit very low vertical electron affinities of 2.74−4.61 eV at the OVGF/6-311+G(3df) level and hence should be classified as superalkali cations.