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A Versatile and Unprecedented Triply Bonded Dimolybdenum Carbonyl Anion

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journal contribution
posted on 12.04.2003, 00:00 by M. Esther García, Sonia Melón, Alberto Ramos, Víctor Riera, Miguel A. Ruiz, Daniele Belletti, Claudia Graiff, Antonio Tiripicchio
Chemical reduction of [Mo2Cp2(μ-Cl)(μ-PA2)(CO)2] (A = Cy, Ph, OEt) gives the corresponding alkaline metal salts of the triply bonded anions [Mo2Cp2(μ-PA2)(μ-CO)2]-, which exhibit both molybdenum and oxygen nucleophilic sites. The PCy2 anion reacts easily with NH4+, [AuCl(PR3)], or MeI to give unsaturated dicarbonyls [Mo2Cp2(μ-X)(μ-PA2)(CO)2] (X = H, AuPR3, Me), while [Me3O]BF4 gives the methoxycarbyne [Mo2Cp2(μ-COMe)(μ-PCy2)(μ-CO)] and allyl chloride rearranges to give the unsaturated alkenyl complex [Mo2Cp2(μ-PCy2)(μ-CMeCH2)(CO)2].