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A Triply Bonded Dimolybdenum Hydride Complex with Acid, Base and Radical Activity

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posted on 03.01.2005, 00:00 by Celedonio M. Alvarez, M. Angeles Alvarez, M. Esther García, Alberto Ramos, Miguel A. Ruiz, Maurizio Lanfranchi, Antonio Tiripicchio
The triply bonded complex [Mo2Cp2(μ-H)-(μ-PCy2)(CO)2] (Cp = η5-C5H5) reacts readily at room temperature with a great variety of simple molecules, resulting in diverse processes, as illustrated by its reactions with CO (addition), CNtBu (insertion), and HSnPh3 (H2 elimination). This unsaturated hydride also easily incorporates 17e [MoCp(CO)3] or 16e [MnCp‘(CO)2] metal fragments to give 46e heterometallic clus-ters (Cp‘ = η5-C5H4Me).