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A Terminal and Four-Coordinate Titanium Alkylidene Prepared by Oxidatively Induced α-Hydrogen Abstraction

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posted on 24.04.2003, 00:00 by Falguni Basuli, Brad C. Bailey, John Tomaszewski, John C. Huffman, Daniel J. Mindiola
One-electron oxidation of the β-diketiminate titanium(III) bis-neopentyl complex (Nacnac)Ti(CH2tBu)2 (Nacnac = [Ar]NC(Me)CHC(Me)N[Ar], Ar = 2,6-(CHMe2)2C6H3) promotes α-abstraction to afford the rare and terminal four-coordinate neopentylidene (Nacnac)TiCHtBu(OTf), which was structurally characterized. Alkylidene (Nacnac)TiCHtBu(OTf) reacts cleanly with benzophenone and the imine functionality of the Nacnac ligand to afford the corresponding Wittig-type products.