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A Target-Triggered DNAzyme Motor Enabling Homogeneous, Amplified Detection of Proteins

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posted on 2017-11-03, 00:00 authored by Junbo Chen, Albert Zuehlke, Bin Deng, Hanyong Peng, Xiandeng Hou, Hongquan Zhang
We report here the concept of a self-powered, target-triggered DNA motor constructed by engineering a DNAzyme to adapt into binding-induced DNA assembly. An affinity ligand was attached to the DNAzyme motor via a DNA spacer, and a second affinity ligand was conjugated to the gold nanoparticle (AuNP) that was also decorated with hundreds of substrate strands serving as a high-density, three-dimensional track for the DNAzyme motor. Binding of a target molecule to the two ligands induced hybridization between the DNAzyme and its substrate on the AuNP, which are otherwise unable to spontaneously hybridize. The hybridization of DNAzyme with the substrate initiates the cleavage of the substrate and the autonomous movement of the DNAzyme along the AuNP. Each moving step restores the fluorescence of a dye molecule, enabling monitoring of the operation of the DNAzyme motor in real time. A simple addition or depletion of the cofactor Mg2+ allows for fine control of the DNAzyme motor. The motor can translate a single binding event into cleavage of hundreds of substrates, enabling amplified detection of proteins at room temperature without the need for separation.