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A Structural Ensemble of a Tau-Microtubule Complex Reveals Regulatory Tau Phosphorylation and Acetylation Mechanisms

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posted on 08.12.2021, 17:39 authored by Z. Faidon Brotzakis, Philip R. Lindstedt, Ross J. Taylor, Dillon J. Rinauro, Nicholas C. T. Gallagher, Gonçalo J. L. Bernardes, Michele Vendruscolo
Tau is a microtubule-associated protein that regulates the stability of microtubules. We use metainference cryoelectron microscopy, an integrative structural biology approach, to determine an ensemble of conformations representing the structure and dynamics of a tau-microtubule complex comprising the entire microtubule-binding region of tau (residues 202–395). We thus identify the ground state of the complex and a series of excited states of lower populations. A comparison of the interactions in these different states reveals positions along the tau sequence that are important to determine the overall stability of the tau-microtubule complex. This analysis leads to the identification of positions where phosphorylation and acetylation events have destabilizing effects, which we validate by using site-specific post-translationally modified tau variants obtained by chemical mutagenesis. Taken together, these results illustrate how the simultaneous determination of ground and excited states of macromolecular complexes reveals functional and regulatory mechanisms.