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A Specific Nucleophilic Ring-Opening Reaction of Aziridines as a Unique Platform for the Construction of Hydrogen Polysulfides Sensors

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posted on 05.06.2015, 00:00 by Wei Chen, Ethan W. Rosser, Di Zhang, Wen Shi, Yilin Li, Wen-Ji Dong, Huimin Ma, Dehong Hu, Ming Xian
A hydrogen polysulfide mediated aziridine ring-opening reaction was discovered. Based on this reaction, a novel H2Sn-specific chemosensor (AP) was developed. AP showed high sensitivity and selectivity for H2Sn. Notably, the fluorescent turn-on product (1) exhibited excellent two-photon photophysical properties, a large Stokes shift, and high solid state luminescent efficiency.