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A Simple Method for Continuous Synthesis of Bicelles in Microfluidic Systems

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posted on 14.10.2021, 02:29 by Sunghak Choi, Bongsu Kang, Shogo Taguchi, Hiroshi Umakoshi, Keesung Kim, Moon Kyu Kwak, Ho-Sup Jung
Bicelle has great potential for drug delivery systems due to its small size and biocompatibility. The conventional method of bicelle preparation contains a long process and harsh conditions, which limit its feasibility and damage the biological substances. For these reasons, a continuous manufacturing method in mild conditions has been demanded. Here, we propose a novel method for DMPC/DHPC bicelle synthesis based on a microfluidic device without heating and freezing processes. Bicelles were successfully prepared using this continuous method, which was identified by the physicochemical properties and morphologies of the synthesized assemblies. Experimental and analytical studies confirm that there is critical lipid concentration and critical mixing time for bicelle synthesis in this microfluidic system. Furthermore, a linear relation between the actual composition of bicelle and initial lipid ratio is deduced, and this enables the size of bicelles to be controlled.