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A Robust Calcium–Organic Framework for Effective Separation of Xenon and Krypton

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posted on 2021-01-05, 19:05 authored by Li Wang, Wenping Liu, Jie Ding, Hualian Zhang, Yudie Zhu, Feng Luo
Separation of Xe/Kr mixtures is significant considering their applications and environmental hazards. However, the similar chemical and physical properties of Xe and Kr raised the difficulty of separation. In this work, a new metal–organic framework (denoted as ECUT-50) was synthesized and investigated. ECUT-50 exhibited obvious adsorptive selectivity of Xe over Kr in both 298 and 273 K. The effective Xe/Kr separation ability was proved using a breakthrough experiment. The excellent separation ability could be due to the suitable pore size of ECUT-50 which matches well with a single Xe atom.