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A Remarkable [2.2.2]Propellane

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posted on 2003-04-18, 00:00 authored by Yigang He, Christopher P. Junk, John J. Cawley, David M. Lemal
To explore the effects of fluorine substitution on the highly strained [2.2.2]propellane skeleton, a new representative of this ring system, perfluorotricyclo[,4]octan-2-one ethylene ketal, was prepared by a rapid and quantitative [2+2] cycloaddition to the strained alkene perfluorobicyclo[2.2.0]hex-1(4)-ene. The propellane displays impressive thermal stability, and the vulnerable C−C bond joining the bridgeheads is very resistant to attack by electrophilic reagents. On the other hand, that electron-deficient bond is cleaved quickly at room temperature by a variety of nucleophiles and mild reducing agents. The behavior of this compound contrasts dramatically with that of the only known [2.2.2]propellane lacking fluorine substituents.