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A Polyboryl-Functionalized Triazine as an Electron Transport Material for OLEDs

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posted on 2016-02-22, 15:47 authored by Christina Sun, Zachary M. Hudson, Michael G. Helander, Zheng-Hong Lu, Suning Wang
A new pinwheel-like triazine molecule functionalized by three BMes2(m-Ph) groups (B3T) has been synthesized and fully characterized. This molecule has been found to have a low LUMO (Ea = 3.25 eV) and a deep HOMO (6.73 eV) energy level with a high triplet energy level (3.07 eV) and is thus very promising as an electron transport material for phosphorescent OLEDs. Preliminary studies show that B3T is indeed a very effective electron transport material for OLEDs where the green phosphorescent compound Ir­(ppy)2(acac) is used as the emitter.