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A Peptide Tag System for Facile Purification and Single-Molecule Immobilization

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posted on 22.12.2009, 00:00 by Jin Huang, Stanislav S. Nagy, Akiko Koide, Ronald S. Rock, Shohei Koide
A peptide fusion tag and accompanying recombinant capture reagents have been developed on the basis of the peptide−PDZ domain interaction and affinity clamps, a new class of affinity reagent. This system allows for single-step purification under mild conditions and stable capture of a tagged protein. The subnanomolar affinity, high force resistance (>30 pN), small size (∼25 kDa, approximately one-sixth of the size of IgG), and monomeric nature of the affinity clamp are all superior features for many applications, in particular single-molecule measurements.