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A Patterned-TiO2/SnO2 Bilayer Type Photocatalyst

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posted on 2000-04-22, 00:00 authored by Hiroaki Tada, Akihiko Hattori, Yoshifumi Tokihisa, Kiyohisa Imai, Noboru Tohge, Seishiro Ito
A major challenge in heterogeneous photocatalysis is the need to increase charge separation efficiency of a photocatalyst, under illumination, without any applied electrical potential. Regularly patterned TiO2 films were formed on a SnO2-film coated soda lime glass substrate by using an organically modified sol−gel method. This bilayer-type photocatalyst exhibited a very high photocatalytic activity for gas-phase reactions. Efficient interfacial electron transfer from the TiO2 overlayer to the SnO2 underlayer was demonstrated by labeling and visualizing the reduction sites with Ag particles.