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A Novel Water-Soluble Heptaplatin Analogue with Improved Antitumor Activity and Reduced Toxicity

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posted on 20.06.2011, 00:00 by Weiping Liu, Xizhu Chen, Qingsong Ye, Yongping Xu, Chengying Xie, Mingjin Xie, Qiaowen Chang, Liguang Lou
A novel water-soluble heptaplatin analogue, cis-[(4R,5R)-4,5-bis-(aminomethyl)-2-isopropyl-1,3-dioxolane](3-hydroxy-1,1-cyclobutanedicarboxylato)platinum(II), has been synthesized and biologically evaluated. The complex shows more activity and less toxicity than its parent drug heptaplatin, exhibiting the great potential for further development.