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A New Look at the Reactivity of TEMPO toward Diethylzinc

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posted on 2014-10-13, 00:00 authored by Krzysztof Budny-Godlewski, Dominik Kubicki, Iwona Justyniak, Janusz Lewiński
Reactions of diethylzinc with TEMPO were investigated. Dropwise addition of 1 equiv of TEMPO to Et2Zn at −10 °C leads to the nitroxide complex EtZn­(TEMPO) in high yield, whereas upon addition of 2 equiv of TEMPO the corresponding homoleptic nitroxide compound Zn­(TEMPO)2 is formed. Diffusion ordered NMR spectroscopy experiments revealed that both zinc nitroxide compounds exist in monomeric forms in solution, while single-crystal X-ray diffraction confirmed their dimeric structure in the solid state.