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A New Fluorescent Chemodosimeter for Hg2+: Selectivity, Sensitivity, and Resistance to Cys and GSH

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posted on 2010-02-05, 00:00 authored by Jianjun Du, Jiangli Fan, Xiaojun Peng, Pingping Sun, Jingyun Wang, Honglin Li, Shiguo Sun
On the basis of the mechanism of Hg2+-promoted hydrolysis, a new fluorescent chemodosimeter (Rho-Hg1) is reported for single-selective and parts per billion level-sensitive detection of Hg2+ in natural waters. Moreover, the fluorescence response of Rho-Hg1 to Hg2+ has little interference from sulfur compounds such as cysteine and glutathione and could be used in the Hg2+ imaging in living cells.