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A New Complementary Catalyst and Catalytic Mechanism: Ag2MoO4/Ag/AgBr/GO Heterostructure

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posted on 31.08.2016, 00:00 by Yu-Yang Bai, Feng-Rui Wang, Jin-Ku Liu
The Ag2MoO4/Ag/AgBr/GO heterostructure photocatalyst is efficaciously designed and equipped, and it exhibits an excellent photocatalytic property. Tetracycline hydrochloride (TC-HCl) is degraded completely within 75 min by Ag2MoO4/Ag/AgBr/GO heterostructure under a 350 W Xe lamp cutting-off the UV light, in which the photocatalytic rate is 1.36 times higher than Ag2MoO4/Ag/AgBr composite. The photocatalytic activity is highly heightened, owing to the enhanced charge separation and topical SPR of Ag0. In addition, GO in Ag2MoO4/Ag/AgBr/GO heterostructure further enlarges the delocalization of the charge transfer compared with Ag2MoO4/Ag/AgBr. After recycling eight times, the photocatalytic rate of Ag2MoO4/Ag/AgBr/GO only debases by 4.5%. Experimental results indicate the Ag2MoO4/Ag/AgBr/GO heterostructure has great potential application for dealing with TC-HCl residues in water.