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A Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube Tower Electrochemical Actuator

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posted on 12.04.2006, 00:00 by YeoHeung Yun, Vesselin Shanov, Yi Tu, Mark J. Schulz, Sergey Yarmolenko, Sudhir Neralla, Jag Sankar, Srinivas Subramaniam
Patterned multiwall carbon nanotube arrays up to four millimeters long were synthesized using chemical vapor deposition. Electrochemical actuation of a nanotube array tower was demonstrated in a 2 M NaCl solution at frequencies up to 10 Hz with 0.15% strain using a 2 V square wave excitation. The synthesis and electrochemical modeling approach outlined in the paper provide a foundation for the design of nanotube smart materials that actuate and are load bearing.