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A Langbeinite-Type Yttrium Phosphate LiCs2Y2(PO4)3

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posted on 09.10.2018, 15:33 by Yaoguo Shen, Yi Yang, Sangen Zhao, Xianfeng Li, Qingran Ding, Yanqiang Li, Shuai Liu, Zheshuai Lin, Junhua Luo
Langbeinite-type inorganic compounds have a wide range of applications, but nonlinear-optical properties are rarely mentioned in this series. Here, we report a new orthophosphate, LiCs2Y2(PO4)3, with a langbeinite-type structure, which is the first example in the system of mixed alkali-metal yttrium phosphates. Notably, LiCs2Y2(PO4)3 exhibits a moderate second-harmonic-generation efficiency of 0.9KH2PO4 and is transparent down to 200 nm. In addition, the thermal stability and theory calculations, including the electronic band structure, second-order nonlinear-optical coefficients, and dipole moment analysis, are also reported. This work not only expands the langbeinite-type system but also inspires a study on their nonlinear-optical properties.