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A Highly Permeable Mixed Matrix Membrane Containing a Vertically Aligned Metal–Organic Framework for CO2 Separation

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posted on 12.10.2021, 16:06 authored by Jia Wang, Yinghui Xu, Hongqiang Qu, Haiyun Ma, Ran Chang, Jing Ma
Delicately regulating the distribution morphology of a filler is an effective strategy to promote the separation performance of mixed matrix membranes (MMMs). Herein, we describe a highly permeable metal–organic framework (MOF)-based MMM comprising vertically aligned ZIF-8 (V-ZIF-8) and polysulfone (PSF). The V-ZIF-8 is distributed uniformly within the PSF matrix. With this unique distribution morphology of ZIF-8, the shortest gas transport pathways are formed in the membrane. Meanwhile, the molecular-sieving pores of ZIF-8 can allow CO2 to pass through and crowding out N2. The obtained V-ZIF-8/PSF membrane shows a high CO2 permeability of 89.7 Barrer and a CO2/N2 selectivity of 30.0 that is stable over a period of 50 h. The CO2 permeability is enhanced about 11.8 times than that of the pure PSF membrane. The results prove that the vertically aligned distribution morphology of an MOF in a polymer matrix is an effective method to improve the separation performance of a membrane, providing a new concept for designing more advanced membranes.